The computer generated 3D model of the SARS-CoV2 "virus" shown belov and often used in videos and articles is a good example of a situation - the one we are still in, right now - that has a lot more to do with computer models and manipulation of data and information than with our reality.

I collected and put in order some points i find important, in these last months, with the precious inspiration and contribution by - and on the shoulders of - many respectable and professional medical doctors that were and are brave enough to expose their thoughts and experiences, and to whom I give all the credits and all my gratitude. Among others, a special mention must go to Andrew Kaufman MD and the World Docrors Alliance (please do yourself a favor and check out their website!).

Please always do your own research, do not believe to anything anyone ever says without some further verification. Today anyone can both spread nonsense and learn and discover, it is therefore under each and everyone's responsibility what to do with the incredible amount of information that can be retrieved on-line.

Corona virus (computer model)

The COVID-19(84) plan/scam-demic

  • The SARS-CoV2 "virus" has never been purified and isolated following the accepted standards. No government-funded or private/independent laboratory in the world was ever - and still is - able to produce any proof or documentation about it, despite the uncountable requests and even some monetary rewardd (still unclaimed).
  • No mutation or new "cluster" of the mentioned "virus" can be ever said to exist, being the original "virus" not been prooven to exist in the first place.
  • The alleged COVID-19 disease has been created renaming other diseases, from pneumonia to influenza and common cold (that suddenly almost disappeared), as well as creating fear linking it to generic symptoms.
  • Death statistics for the last 5 years do not show any particular variation in 2020, and for sure nothing that can be ever called a pandemy.
  • The RT-PCR test was never ment to be used for diagnosing diseases, as its own creator, Kary Banks Mullis, has said himself in several circumstances (in particular referring to the HIV "virus").
  • The COVID-19 tests (RT-PCR or other methods) can not test for "viruses" that have never been isolated and purified.
  • The tests (even if they were legit) can eventually give "positive or negative results", not "cases" (sick patients).
  • The alleged "cases" have nothing to do with contagion or illnesses.
  • The higher the "amplification factor" in the RT-PCR tests (copying cycles), the more "postiive results" the tests will give. As Kary B. Mullis said, "used well, the test can give what ever result you like". Even by admission of the American Centers for Diesase Control and Prevention (CDC), anything over 25 cycles of amplification is pure nonsense, and most of the tests used today all over the world are done with 35 and up to 50 cycles!
  • No vaccine can exist for a "virus" that has never been isolated or identified.
  • Any experimental medicament - included the COVID-19 genetic therapy improperly called "vaccine", that is indeed experimental and untested - forced on the population represents a violatetion of the Nuremberg Code.
  • No lock downs, social distancing, masks, tracking, force inoculation or vaccine "passports" can be enforced, even with scientific evidence (and there is none). They have the sole goal to destroy the livelihood and freedom of people, as well as the global economy, in accordance to the line clearly expressed by the World Economic Forum. They are also instruments used to implement a global and total control on people, as already experimented in China through the Social Credit System.

The "virus" has never been isolated and purified

PCR Test

Masks and Social Distancing

"If silence is consent, acquiescing is collaboration".