My values

  • I am a living and breathing man of the earth
  • each living and breathing woman and man of the earth is born free, intelligent, aware and independent
  • we chose to come here to experience this particular reality, each of us as a peculiar manifestation and expression of the human consciousness
  • I have the right to live together with the other living and breathing women and men of the earth in peace and respect for each other, in harmony with ourselves and with the other forms of life, because there is abundance, prosperity and place for everyone
  • no one has the right to claim our freedom, directly or through less direct forms (such as social engineering, perceived scarcity and artificially crafted competition)
  • the Natural Law - also known as Law of the Land, Universal Law or Law of One - and based on the "do not harm" principle, is the only law that needs to be recognised and respected
  • no other rule or law can be enforced without full awareness, proper information and explicit consent by all parts involved, directly or indirectly

How I see a possible evolution

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