De-Googled Phones

Google-free logo

As already mentioned in the Tech section, using technology "for" us rather than "against" us is possible. And one of the devices that is used the most today, and that is very important to keep under control, is the smartphone.

Using it less, or drop it completely, may in fact be something to consider anyways! But it is also possible to use it "differently", in a more responsible way. The best way to go, so far, is using an Android based smartphone where the Google services have been removed from under the hood. It is not 100% safe, there is still place for apps to sneak in and track you down, but it is still a lot better than a standard phone.

I have been using Google-free phones as well as Linux based phones for quite a while now, and I do not regret the choice, I in fact highly reccommend it! Nor do I miss any particular function or app, because almost everything is possible even with a Google-free phone and using friendly and Open Source apps.

If you can not figure out the process yourself, I am happy to help out freeing your phone from Google, or eventually provide a ready-to-go Google-free phone, as well as educate about what to do and how, encouraging a more reasonable use of these kind of devices. There alre also several tablets that can be "cleaned up"!

Please contact me for more information!