I began my musical studies with Remo Breda (Piano, Theory and Ear Training) when I was 5 years old. I continued then with Ruggero Livieri (Piano, Organ and Composition) untill I entered the Organ and Composition Class at Padua's Music Academy (1992).

I completed in the meantime my high school scientific degree and entered the Foreign Languages Faculty at Padua's University, moving later to the D.A.M.S. Curriculum (Music and Arts).

Since July 2008 I live in Copenhagen, where I moved first as Erasmus student, entering then the Royal Danish Academy of Music, Church Music Department, where I obtained my Master Degree in Organ and Church Music in June 2014.

I began my church organist activity playing in churches for Masses and Services since the age of 7. Now it continues in Danmark, as I work as organist in Annisse and Ramløse Churches, after 5 years as substitute organist in many Danish churches, i.e. Solvang kirke, Filips kirke, Kastrup kirke and Frederiksberg Slotskirke, one year of substitution at Allehelgens Kirke and one in Vartov kirke for my organ Professor Bine K. Bryndorf.

I took a degree at the Organ Building National School in Crema (CR, Italy). I am now consultant for the italian organ builder Renzo Grosso and consultant and tuner for the Royal Danish Academy of Music (Christiansborg Slotskirke, Vartov Kirke and all the instruments in the Academy).